Christmas Figurines

During the Christmas season we try to find a special gift that will be remembered, appreciated and enjoyed. A decoration for the house is often a safe and sure bet. Men and women alike enjoy sprucing up the house without going to a lot of trouble. Christmas figurines are perfect for that purpose.

We can find Santa Claus figurines that are elegant, whimsical and fun, traditional, Old World Victorian, and occasionally animated characters dressed up as Santa. We find many sizes and many prices ranges. A Santa figurine is a “can’t go wrong” gift for anyone who loves Christmas.

Angel Christmas figurines are elegant and inspirational. They are appropriate for Christmas gifts, but some are perfect for Mothers Day, the birth of a child and many other occasions.

The child angel figurines are great anytime and any place for every occasion. They are light and happy and make adults and children alike feel good.

Collectible Thomas Kinkade White Christmas Snowman Animated Figurine: Product Review

The Collectible Thomas Kinkade White Christmas Snowman Animated Figurine is the most popular and highly sought after Christmas figurine this Christmas season. I decided to get my own and write a product review about it. Check out this revealing article before you buy.

Santa and Baby Jesus Christmas Figurine: The Greatest Gift of All

This Santa and Baby Jesus figurine is an impressive symbol of the one we picture as the loving “giver of gifts” with the “Greatest Gift of All”. I think you will find it sweetly sentimental and a pleasure to display.

Santa’s Little Helpers Christmas Figurine Is A Touch Of Heaven

If you like Santa Claus and you like angels, then you might want to take a look at this unique figurine. Find out what makes this elegant decoration feel like pure magic and why it stopped my grandkids dead in their tracks, forcing them to stare and admire it.

Thomas Kinkade Collectible Snowman Figurines

These 3 Thomas Kinkade collectible snowman figurines will add to the fun in your winter decorating scheme. One of the figurines even lights up. They’re whimsical and beautiful and will bring a smile to your face.

Crystal Snowman Christmas Figurines

Here you will find two Thomas Kinkade crystal snowmen. One even lights up and has a little moving train. Both are elegant collectibles.

Irish Snowman Figurines - Christmas Collectibles

Irish is in and so are snowmen. Combine the two and you have a natural for a Christmas gift or for Christmas decorating.

Santa Claus and Baby Jesus Collectible Christmas Figurines

Santa, the symbol of gift giving, and the Baby Jesus, the greatest gift of all are now available in two exquisite figurines. One figurine is of Santa and Baby Jesus and the other is of Santa, the Baby Jesus and a child angel.

Light-up Santa Claus Figurines and Santa’s Sleigh

Not only will you find Santa figurines that light up, you will also find Santa and his sleigh and reindeer that also light up. Some of the figurines even play music and have motion.

Irish Santa Collectible Christmas Figurines

Santa usually has a traditional look that we all expect. But occasionally Santa dons his magnificent green costumes as in these high quality Irish Santa figurines. These fine collectibles will be enjoyed every Christmas for many years to come.

Crystal Christmas Angel Figurines

There’s nothing more beautiful than the sparkle of crystal when it catches the light. Christmas angel figurines are graceful and uplifting and have a certain sparkle of their own, which makes crystal the perfect partner for these inspiring works of art.

Musical Santa Claus Collectible Christmas Figurines

Each Santa figurine has something unusual and exciting to offer. From traditional to elegant to whimsical, each has its own charm and fascination.

Child Angel Figurines for Christmas

Child angel figurines are adorable little packages of warmth, love and innocence. Because they are cute and sweet decorations, we feel comfortable displaying them anywhere. They are not only wonderful Christmas gifts, but are appropriate for any occasion.