Christmas Gifts For Mom

Mom is the queen. She helps the children get their busy day started. They may be babies or preschoolers or they may already be in school, but she is the engine that gets the train rolling.

She sounds the alarm of mornings and has to threaten to cancel Christmas and birthdays if they don’t hurry up and get dressed and eat breakfast before they dash off to school.

She attempts to get dressed in between breaking up fights, forcing them to put something nutritious in their stomachs, brushing their teeth, and getting out the door with their homework (at least the parts the dog didn’t eat).

Whether she works from home or out in the world, she is a busy woman that wears a lot of hats. At the end of the day, she is tired and needs a break, but there may be scouting, baseball practice, soccer practice or some other sport the children are involved in.

Did anyone remember to feed the pets? Feed—food—dinner! What’s for dinner? And homework. She still has to help the children do their homework.

Just as she feels the energy drain from her body, one of her little angels brings her a precious gift: a primitive little drawing of someone with what appears to be a crown on her head. The words on this beautiful drawing read, “I love you Mommy.” Her heart melts and she’s reminded why she loves being a mother.

Mothers are the glue that holds the family together. They give all they have and more. And we love them for it. I guess that’s why we want to give something special for Christmas and Mother’s Day and for her Birthday.

Special doesn’t mean the most expensive, exciting and amazing gift in the world. It means a gift from the heart.

I took the time to browse some of my favorite sites for items that I personally consider very special or maybe just fun. Most of the items are geared for Mothers, but many can also be given to Grandmothers as well. And some of the gifts can be given to women in general for any occasion such as Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, and who knows—maybe an “unbirthday” gift or “just because” gift.

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