Santa Ornaments | Santa Clause Christmas Tree Ornaments

Every Christmas tree should have at least one Santa ornament prominently displayed. One however, is not always enough. Some of the beautiful and elegant collectibles come in sets with each one complementing the other and can be passed on to your children. Some are cute and simple and will always bring a smile to your face.

When we see Santa in the mall or ornaments displayed in stores, we know that the Christmas season is in full swing. We think of the special gifts we will give our children or a unique gift we will give the man in our life or a Christmas gift we can give to a dear friend.

We think of decorating our homes and Christmas party planning. But most of all, when we have time to relax and reflect—Santa reminds us of our own childhood. The flood of warm and happy memories come rushing back. We remember sitting on Santa’s lap and anticipating Christmas morning and opening presents.

You may find yourself smiling when you see an image of Santa. I know I do. When people started requesting Santa Christmas ornaments, I knew they felt the same way. You want to make memories for your children, but you also want something unique and special. It’s just this simple; Santa Claus ornaments and decorations just make us happy.

Unique Santa Christmas Ornaments

Sometimes we love tradition and sometimes it’s fun to have something a little unique and unusual. Santa is no exception. I don’t want to change Santa, but I’ll admit, I think these ornaments are incredible.

Cute Personalized Santa Claus Christmas Ornaments

There are a lot of cute Santa ornaments out there, but one very important one has to include a list with the names of the children. If you have only a few children, you may have room for Mom and Dad.

Biker Santa Christmas Tree Ornament

It looks like Santa was out searching for the perfect Christmas tree for his home in the North Pole. No, he didn’t need his sleigh and reindeer for this trip. All he needed was his bike.

Old World Victorian Santa Claus Christmas Tree Ornaments

Santa Claus takes on a sophisticated and elegant look in some of these Christmas ornaments. He’s not just the “jolly old elf” we know and love, he becomes the symbol of all things warm, loving and comforting.