Christmas Cake Recipes

Strawberry Christmas Cake

A strawberry cake sounds like something you might want to serve in the spring or summer or perhaps at Easter, but this is actually a knockout choice to serve at a Christmas party.

Christmas Pumpkin Roll-Up Cake

If you love pumpkin cake and cream cheese then you’re going to love this recipe! Don’t bother reading anymore about it. Just click the link and hit print!

Christmas Prune Spice Cake

Many people enjoy eating and sharing prune cake at Christmas time. In many homes, it is a family tradition. If you’ve never tried a prune cake, or you have never found a prune cake recipe you liked, you’re in for a treat. It’s moist and delicious.

Piña Colada Christmas Cake

This recipe qualifies as a FED cake. Fast, Easy and Delicious. This one is great when you want something that’s easy to make and easy to take to a Christmas party. Just bake it and take it. It’s that easy.

Christmas Paradise Cake

When friends come calling, be ready with this beautiful cake full of pineapple and bananas and almonds and flavored with cinnamon and almond extract.

Christmas Lane Cake

This spectacular cake is truly elegant and deserving of a special occasion, and Christmas is what I’m talking about.

Christmas Surprise Cake Recipe

This is a really delicious cake to serve anytime of the year, but especially at Christmas, because it has an unexpected and refreshing surprise inside: the lemon filling.

Christmas Holiday Cake Squares

This Christmas dessert is like little samplings of fruitcake sprinkled with powdered sugar, only better because it contains eggnog.

Christmas Rum Cake Recipe

For some people, a good rum cake at Christmas is a must. This is also a good choice for gift giving and sharing.

Christmas Blackberry Jam Cake Recipe

Every year my mother-in-law baked my husband a Christmas cake and this was one of her favorite ones to bake and one of his favorites to receive.