Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are the most important Christmas decorations in our home. For those who celebrate Christmas but are unable to have a Christmas tree, you have my deepest sympathy. We look forward to the day we go Christmas tree shopping or the day we pull our artificial tree out of storage. Either way, the season begins with the beloved Christmas tree.

As a child our family always went shopping for our tree. That was very exciting. All year long we anticipated Christmas and at last it was about to happen.

After I had my own family, for many years we went through the same ritual of Christmas tree shopping. To tell the truth, I wasn’t always happy with the trees we had to choose from. I hate to admit it, but I did have some complaints.

I had never considered an artificial Christmas tree. Maybe it didn’t seem as charming or romantic to have a “fake” tree, but then one day, while out shopping, I casually looked them over. They didn’t look too bad—in fact, they looked pretty good. I found one I liked and I bought it. No more hassle of trying to find the perfect tree, hauling it home, trimming off the bottom, getting it into the tree stand and then trying to keep it watered for the duration of the season.

I must have fallen short somewhere, because no matter how hard I tried to keep it watered, I still had pine needles to clean up when we took the tree down. This made my purchase of an artificial tree rather exciting.

I never regretted my decision to get an artificial Christmas tree. I’ve had it for many years—so long in fact it’s time to replace it. I love my tree and I hate the thought of giving it up. The good part is, some of the new trees on the market are so beautiful and realistic it’s amazing. It’s easy to make the decision to buy one.

Not all artificial Christmas trees are the same. Some are inexpensive, are not as full and have fewer lights than the more expensive trees and the lights are not always securely wrapped. If money is tight, these trees will get you by for a while. But if you can afford to upgrade, I have found the ultimate trees on the market. Not only are they beautiful now, but judging from the way they’re made, and the guarantee behind them, I suspect they’ll still be beautiful 10 or 15 years from now.

We shopped around for the highest quality, the best price and the best guarantee. After impartial and open-minded shopping, these are the artificial Christmas trees we chose to present to our visitors.

Pop Up Christmas Trees

You can have a standing, fully decorated, pre-lit Christmas tree in 3 easy steps and 5 minutes.

The Thomas Kinkade Pre Lit Pull Up Christmas Tree: Wondrous Winter

A quick and simple solution to putting up a Christmas tree is the Thomas Kinkade Pull Up Christmas Tree. Watch the video and and see how easy it really is.

Disney Christmas Tree

The new Disney Christmas tree is one the most popular shopping items this Christmas season. I’ve written a very detailed and revealing review about this unique tabletop tree.

The Best Artificial Prelit Christmas Trees

This amazing Noble Fir looks so realistic and feels so soft and natural that it has actually been mistaken for a live tree by tree farmers.

Artificial Pre Lit LED Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

This gorgeous and ever-popular Fraser Fir is so well made and so soft, that it has been mistaken by tree farmers as the real deal.

Live Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

You may not be able to go to a tree farm and select your Christmas tree, but you can do the next best thing. Here’s how.

Artificial Tabletop Christmas Trees

This elegant tabletop Christmas tree is a smaller version of The World’s Best Prelit Christmas Tree. It’s the perfect size to add decorating impact in any room of the home or office.

Silver Aluminum Christmas Trees

The elegance and glimmer of the Aluminum Christmas trees of the 1950’s is back. Decorate it or illuminate it with the colors from the color wheel, it’s as nostalgic as a slice of Grandma’s apple pie. A Christmas decoration of the past is making a comeback.

Wall Mounted Artificial Half Christmas Tree

Do you want a beautiful Christmas tree, but you don’t have enough space in your small room? This hanging wall tree could be your answer.

Artificial Christmas Tree with Father Christmas

This amazingly real looking Father Christmas standing alongside this 6 foot Christmas tree is a unique Christmas decoration you probably won’t find at the Joneses.

Bubble Light Artificial Christmas Tree

Bubble lights are becoming popular again, but with this tree, it’s the trunk that puts on the bubble and light show.

Artificial Prelit Christmas Tree Quality: 7 Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy

When you go to buy a new vehicle there are certain things you check before buying, right? Well buying an artificial or pre-lit Christmas tree is no different. Here are 7 questions to ask before you buy your next artificial tree.