Coworker Gifts - 101+ Ideas Under $25

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Every Christmas and sometimes on other occasions we need to find a nice inexpensive gift to give a coworker. We don’t want to appear cheap, but at the same time we can’t afford to go overboard either. When you give someone a gift, you should be thoughtful and take pride in what you’re giving. Putting in a little effort ahead of time will make you and your coworker very happy. Because your time is precious, we have tried to make it easy for you. We have done a little shopping for you and have come up with a few inexpensive and unique ideas for you to check out. The gifts aren’t “cheap” but the price is right. Most prices range from $10 to under $25. They make great Christmas gifts for coworkers, holiday gifts, farewell gifts, sympathy gifts, birthday gifts, and even thank you gifts. They are all fun to give and fun to receive.

Some really cute coworker gifts you may want to check out can be personalized. Everyone loves personalized gifts. It shows you did more than grab a gift off the shelf on your way to the checkout counter.

Coworker Gifts for Both Men and Women

This personalized golf water bottle can be used for men and women Golf Earth!© Personalized Water Bottle. Anyone who enjoys golf and nature will appreciate this one.

84 Dog Breeds© Stainless Steel Travel Mug

The Best Electric Corkscrew

A unique travel mug that is designed especially for dog lovers is the 84 Dog Breeds© Stainless Steel Travel Mug.

The selection is huge. This is a very thoughtful gift for those who love their pets. This same design comes in a Dog Breed© Personalized Coffee Mug and a Star Dog© Breed Personalized Ornament. More ideas that are appropriate for both men and women:

  • The iPhone Seat Buddyicon– A helpful item for any coworker that loves her/his iPhone. It makes it convenient to hang the iPhone on just about anything so you don’t have to hold it while watching it.
  • Grid it Panel Organizericon – Do you have a coworker with a lot of gadgets? Get them this convenient organizer.
  • The Best Electric Corkscrew. – A very helpful gadget for wine lovers.
  • Natural Spectrum Book Lighticon – This gift idea and the two below it will work great for any coworker that loves to read.
  • The Hands Free Over Ear Book Light.
  • Travel Book Lighticon
  • V-Smoker Box with Wood Flavor Chipsicon – Anyone that loves grilling will appreciate this cool little smoker box.
  • Executive Monogram© Desk Calendar
  • You’re # 1© Personalized Keepsake Award
  • You’re A Superstar© Engraved Keepsake

Coworker Gifts for Women

There are so many cute mugs available you can certainly find something for almost everyone and some have matching mouse pads. Here are a few good choices:

Dot to Dot© Personalized Coffee Mug

  • Dot to Dot© Personalized Coffee Mug
  • Dot to Dot© Personalized Mouse Pad
  • Dot to Dot© Personalized Travel Mug
  • Rhinestone Monogram© Personalized Pastel Mugsicon
  • Rhinestone Monogram© Personalized Red Mug
  • Rhinestone Initial Bistro Mug - Choose Black or Lavender
  • The Meaning of a Name Mugs
  • Ooh La La Paris!© Personalized Coffee Mug - This design is so popular it is also available in the Bag Tagicon for anyone who does a lot of traveling; a really pretty photo frame Photo Frameicon; Pillowcaseicon; Note Cardicon; and Stampericon.
  • Cup of Encouragement© Engraved Mugicon These are lovely and have a feel good message.

Taking lunch to work can be a great idea for anyone watching their diet or trying to save money; and if she can do it in style, so much the better. She could be the trend setter.

Flower Power Embroidered Lunch Tote

Anytime she needs to keep something cold Flower Power Embroidered Lunch Tote comes to the rescue. This popular design is also available as a purse Flower Power Embroidered Purse and a Flower Power Embroidered Fold-Up Tote Bag. The tote is over $25. Even though it’s over $25, I wanted you to know it is available. There is also a water bottle especially for women that comes in three styles and of course, it can be personalized Just Her Style© Personalized Water Bottle.

This cheerful Dot To Dot© Monogram Desk Calendar is not only functional, but has a different look for each month.

More ideas are the Rose Tea Warmer and Teapot Set and the Charming Tails You’re A Glamourous Sole Collectible Shoe and Mouse Figurine.

If one of your coworkers is a grandmother, she will love the Life Is Sweeter Personalized T-shirt.

More ideas to check out:

Custom Message Silver Oval Locket Keychain

  • Custom Message Silver Oval Locket Keychain
  • Engraved From The Kitchen of Personalized Recipe Box
  • Gardeners Personalized T-Shirt
  • 6 Designs© Personalized Mouse Pad
  • 6 Designs© Personalized Coffee Mug
  • Soccer Personalized T-Shirt - There are a lot of soccer moms out there. Maybe there’s one in your office.
  • Cast Iron Teapot Trivet Set
  • Apple Decor Kitchen Basket Decorative Teapot
  • Lighted Church Music Box Home Decor
  • 8 Piece Heart Trinket Box Set
  • Fiber Optic Angel Christmas Tree Topper

Coworker Gifts for Men

You Name It© Personalized Travel Mug

Travel mugs make good gifts because everyone is on the go; and being able to take along coffee or some other beverage is handy and safe—fewer spills. I like the You Name It© Personalized Travel Mug because it’s especially designed for men. It has sharp, clean lines and great looking personalization. Any guy who loves to watch the game while enjoying a cold one will love his own Any Initial Sports Glass Mug.

Here’s a list of more ideas that range from gifts for men who like to grill, to personalized pocket knives, to engraved money clips and more.

Personalized Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

Personalized Name Multitool LED Key Chain

  • Multi-Tool Pocket Knife
  • Grillmaster Personalized BBQ Apron
  • Personalized King Of The Grill Apron
  • Embroidered Chef Apron
  • Engraved Black Leather Name or Initial Keychain
  • Engraved Silver Money Clip
  • 35 Quotes© Personalized Coffee Mug
  • 35 Quotes© Personalized Mouse Pad
  • Golfer’s Pocket Knife
  • Personalized Name Multitool LED Key Chain
  • Black Licorice Personalized Zippo? Lighter
  • Executive Personalized Leather Luggage Tag
  • Engraved Leather Valet Tray
  • American Eagle Personalized Keepsake

Fun & Humorous Coworker Gifts

Sometimes the best gifts are the funny and silly gifts. All of us enjoy gifts that put a smile on your face. Here are a few cute ideas including some that make great gag gifts for coworkers.

The Chocolate Diet Plan!

Marshmallow Shooter

Scorpion Suckers!
Yes… they’re real.

Personalized Swear Jar

  • Chocolate Diet Plan – Got a friend at work that’s constantly dieting? Get them started on the latest health fad… the CHOCOLATE diet plan!
  • Marshmallow Shooter – Need a gift for a fun-loving (and slightly childish) coworker? How about a marshmallow shooter.
  • Scorpion Suckers: 4CT Bag - Yes, these suckers have real scorpions inside. The perfect gag gift for that coworker that hates bugs. Or that guy that says he’ll try anything once.
  • Habanero Spicy Lollipops: 24CT Box - For the coworker that loves hot and spicy food… or better yet, for the coworker that HATES hot and spicy food - lol!
  • Giant Gummy Rats Candy: 12CT Box - For the person that fears all things rodent, torment them with giant gummy rats. Who knows… maybe it will help rid them of their phobia.
  • Frog Figurine Cell Phone Holder Caddy
  • Dog Office Desktop Organizer
  • Christmas Teddy Bear and Snowman Sculpture
  • Wines A Bit Personalized Apron
  • Custom Printed Swear Jar – This one’s perfect for that foul mouthed coworker. can be personalized with any name.
  • Personalized Doormat - Flip Flops Beach House
  • Where’s My Wine Apron
  • Motion-Activated Barking Dog Holiday Door Sign - Change his look with the seasons.
  • Salt Water Taffy Twist Gift Boxes: Set of 2

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets can be easy and packed full of goodies. Often they can be more expensive than the budget allows. But these gift baskets are mini baskets and come within the budget and just perfect for fellow coworkers; especially if you don’t know them very well. Here are a few ideas. These baskets are filled with goodies you won’t find in the grocery store. Gourmet Gift Baskets takes pride in the quality and content of every basket.

‘Mini’ Christmas Gift Basket

Coffee Break ‘Mini’ Gift Basket

  • ‘Mini’ Christmas Gift Basketicon - This is a choice sampling of both sweet and savory treats.
  • Taste of New England ‘Mini’ Breakfast Gift Basket
  • Flavors of Italy ‘Mini’ Italian Gift Basket
  • ‘Mini’ Snack Gift Basket
  • ‘Mini’ Chocolate Gift Basket - This basket offers rich chocolate gifts for the chocolate lover: milk chocolate dipped pretzels, Triple Chocolate Dipped Cookies and more.
  • Coffee Break Mini Gift Basket
  • ‘Mini’ Healthy Gift Basket
  • ‘Mini’ Tea and Cookies Gift Basket
  • Nut Sampler ‘Mini’ Gift Basketicon

Holiday Gifts for Coworkers

We have included several gift ideas especially for giving during the Christmas holidays. We have included table decorations, Christmas tree ornaments, even a cookie jar and wine chiller. These are perfect gifts to give during the holiday season.

  • Fiber Optic Angel Christmas Tree Topper
  • Stocking Family© Personalized Ornament

Sympathy Gifts

Expressing sympathy to someone who has lost a loved one is one of the most difficult of emotions to communicate. A gift of importance and remembrance can be a source of comfort and let them know you care. You don’t always have to give a gift that is designed to be a memorial gift, as long as it’s uplifting. These gift ideas are more significant and meaningful and range in price from $25 to $125.

Heirloom Porcelain Bereavement Candleholder: Thomas Kinkade’s Loving Remembrance

  • Heirloom Porcelain Bereavement Candleholder: Thomas Kinkade’s Loving Remembrance - This is a beautiful and thoughtful gift idea showing love and caring.
  • Thomas Kinkade Garden Of Light Collectible Stained Glass Wall Decor
  • Thomas Kinkade Pools Of Serenity Music Box
  • Always With You Praying Hands Religious Art Collectible Figurine
  • Footprints In The Sand Musical Wooden Jewelry Box
  • Collectible Serenity Prayer Music Box: Christian Gift
  • Forever With Us In Memory© Personalized Memorial Keepsake
  • Engraved Love Remember Forever Bracelet
  • Personalized Military Memorial Wood Plaque

Buying gifts for coworkers for holidays, birthday, thank you gifts and even sympathy should be thoughtful and caring. The gift ideas here are not cheap and thoughtless, but are easy to select, thoughtful and inexpensive. Your coworker will be happy and so will you.

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