Christmas Decoration Storage

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For me, the least fun part of Christmas is putting away the decorations. I have to say good-bye to my beautiful decorations for another year, but I also have a big chore to do. Organization is the name of the game.

If you store your Christmas decorations properly, they will be organized and easy to find next year. And by using the right boxes, you can save space while protecting your investment.

Here are 10 quick tips to show you how.

1. Get Rid of the Junk.

Decide what you don’t want to keep and toss it. Many of us hang onto stuff and we may not even use it. We just hate to throw it away. Keep only the ornaments you know you will use again, unless of course they have some sentimental meaning. Keepsakes we keep. Trash we toss. The trick is to know the difference.

2. Store Your Ornaments In Clear Plastic Containers.

Clear plastic boxes make it easy for you to see what is inside and helps protect from moisture better than cardboard storage containers. When stacking, put the larger, heavier boxes on the bottom and the smaller, lightweight boxes on the top. I know it seems like a no brainer, but some of us need reminding occasionally.

3. Wrap Your Christmas Ornaments.

Wrap your ornaments in white tissue paper. I have tried newspaper, but I prefer the tissue paper. If you have expensive or very special ornaments, bubble wrap will offer greater protection. If you have the boxes the ornaments originally came in, store them in these, and then place them in the plastic storage containers.

4. Protect Your Lights When Storing Them.

When storing Christmas lights, keep them separated. They can easily become tangled. You can place individual strands in freezer bags or even grocery bags. You can also wrap them around paper towel rolls. Don’t place too many lights in the same box. The box can become heavy and the lights on the bottom can be damaged.

5. Protect Decorations From Moisture.

In humid climates, plastic containers may not be enough protection from moisture. Packets of silica gel can be purchased from arts and craft stores and placed in the storage containers. Use several throughout the box. If you can’t find individual packets, you can make your own. Purchase a box of silica gel and place several tablespoons in white tissue paper. Wrap it and tape. Place several in the box and you’re good to go.

6. Beware of Temperature Extremes.

Don’t store precious pictures, wax objects, candles or any temperature sensitive materials in high heat areas. They could deteriorate or melt together.

7. Save Space With Ribbons And Bows.

My favorite ribbon is wired ribbon. I can make bows for decorations, flatten them for storage and reshape them the next year. Long streamers can be tightly rolled. They will still be beautiful next year.

8. Store Beads In Plastic Shoe Boxes.

Beads should be boxed together. If you have very many beads, large boxes could become too heavy. Each strand should be placed in its own baggie to avoid tangling.

9. Don’t Crush Your Wreaths.

Wreath boxes are the best way to protect your wreaths. They are available in stores and on the Internet. The alternative would be to wrap them in bubble wrap to keep them from getting crushed. Bubble wrap is available in office supply stores, Wal-Mart, some groceries stores and any place where office supplies are sold. Several wreaths can be stored together in one large box, but don’t stack them if they haven’t been protected with bubble wrap.

10. Tag Your Christmas Boxes For Easy Identification.

Attach a red ribbon to each of your Christmas boxes. This will make them easy to spot if they have been stored with other boxes. This is a good idea for other seasonal decorations as well; yellow for spring or Easter, orange for fall.

A final note: Ornament boxes as well as the wreath boxes are readily available if you don’t want to take the time to wrap each ornament individually or if you have expensive collectables. They are more expensive and some are acid free. If you want storage ease and greater protection for your ornaments, this could be a worthwhile investment.

By organizing your decorations when you store them, it will make finding what you want much easier when it comes time to decorate for Christmas next year. You will feel like a pro. Happy decorating and un-decorating.

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  1. 1


    November 14th, 2007 at 8:06 pm

    I just reorganized my Christmas decorations and put them all in red plastic storage tubs. You can purchase red at Christmas, orange at Halloween, pink at Easter, etc. It makes it much easier to figure out what is what!

  2. 2


    April 2nd, 2009 at 10:19 pm

    I use large clear plastic boxes to store Christmas bulbs in. I use fleece batting between layers and cut small squares to insert between bulbs. I store on top shelf in master walk-in closet where I can see the contents of the box at a glance.

  3. 3

    sandy lee

    January 3rd, 2011 at 9:27 pm

    I have beading and I use the old tube socks. Socks work great for storing beading. I also use a roll of white paper towels for wrapping my ornaments in. If you have really expensive ones, be sure you use the boxes they came in, or bubble wrap them and place them together in a tote that you can see through and label it breakable and do not store it in attic or garage. Find a shelf on one of your closets inside your home that has some temperature control.

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