Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers – the Best Hawaiian Kona Coffee Gift Ideas… and More!

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I love Kona coffee so I tried the Koa Coffee Plantation’s Kona Coffee from Hawaii. Forbes calls it “Best coffee in America” and “Top 10 coffees in the world.” I wasn’t disappointed. It’s smooth and delicious. It is grown on the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii on the volcanic slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai. When you drink a cup of Kona, you are drinking coffee that comprises only 1% of the coffee produced in the entire world. Try this one, I think you’ll like it. My husband said I should warn you, “You may not want to go back to your old coffee.” You’ll love this coffee for gifts. It comes in various combinations. One gift combination contains several different coffees, the chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate covered macadamia nuts and a beautiful large Koa Coffee Mug. This is the pack I tried out. All I can say is Wow! Everyone I served it to loved it. This is a great Christmas gift idea for coffee lovers. You can’t go wrong.

The World’s BEST and ONLY Coffee Made in the USA – Hawaiian KONA Coffee!

Kona Coffee gift bag

Kona Coffee Deluxe Gift Bag

  • Kona Coffee gift bags - You’ll find several options for gift bags and you have the opportunity to send a personal message when you check out. There are different price ranges and different combinations.
  • Kona Coffee Sample Packs - These sample packs are a great way to go. Buy them in packs of three or packs of four; each comes in ½ pound packages. Try them! They taste wonderful and make great gifts for coffee drinkers. Get some for yourself when you order a gift for someone else. You’ll be glad you did. No bull; I’m speaking from experience.
  • Flavored Kona Coffee - The flavored Kona coffees are delectable. You can buy a four pack of 8 oz. each of Chocolate flavored, Eggnog flavored, Holiday Spice Flavored and Onolicious flavored. You also have the choice of buying each of these coffees individually in 8 oz., 1 lb. and 5 lb. packages.
  • Kona Coffee gift subscription - The gift subscription is a great way to gift someone every month for as long as you want. There’s a 3 month minimum, but you can choose to send your gift for 3 months, 6 months or a full year, if you like.
  • Chocolate Covered Kona Coffee Beans or Macadamia Nuts - I’ve tried both of these. And all I can say is wow! I don’t even like chocolate covered coffee beans. But I tried these and they were amazing. There’s no bitter taste—just sweet, delightful smooth tasting coffee and luscious chocolate. Everyone I offered it to loved it. And the macadamia nuts are also amazing—just delicious. In the pictures, they look black in the packages, but in reality they look like rich chocolate brown delights—just the way you expect them to look. And the taste is wonderful.

Coffee & Chocolate Gift Baskets

Ultimate Coffee and Chocolates Gift Basket™

Another great gift option is a gourmet coffee & chocolate gift basket and the best ones are available at These baskets include a variety of assorted gourmet coffees, chocolate cookies, Mocha Trufflz, English toffee caramels, capuccino chocolate covered almonds, peanut butter chocolates, dark chocolates and lots lots lots more!icon

Choose from 5 different baskets:

  • Coffee and Chocolates Gift Basket Classic™
  • Coffee and Chocolates Gift Basket Deluxe™
  • Coffee and Chocolates Gift Basket Premium™
  • Coffee and Chocolates Gift Basket Stack™
  • Ultimate Coffee and Chocolates Gift Basket™

Unique Coffee & Espresso Makers That Make Great Gifts

The Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker With Grinder - This coffee maker is easy to use and makes great coffee. It will grind your coffee and brew your coffee and even allow you to pour a cup while it’s still brewing. No mess, no problem. It can brew 10 cups in 6 minutes. After the brewing process the thermal carafe will keep the coffee fresh and tasty without burning it. You can program your coffee maker to begin making coffee as much as 24 hours in advance. It will grind the beans and brew the coffee according to your pre-set instructions. You can use pre-ground coffee if you prefer. One more advantage—it includes a charcoal filter. That means the taste of the water will not ruin the taste of the coffee.

The Classic Percolator - I still have fond childhood memories of hearing my mother’s coffee brewing in her percolator early in the morning and listening for that bubbling sound as it spilled into the glass knob at the top. It was fun to watch the coffee as it perked. Hammacher is offering a real percolator just like the good old days, only it’s better and improved. Besides making as many as 12 cups of great coffee, you can unplug it when it’s finished and set it on the table next to you. It has a comfortable handle and stay-cool base.

The Double Boiler Automatic Espresso Machine - This advanced espresso maker has two boiler systems: one for brewing and one for frothing. It allows you to make coffee house espressos at home. It has a touch screen control panel, a burr grinder that can be adjusted for different grinds and a cup warmer. It has many great features for you to check out. But hurry—this one is on sale and about to sell out.

The Best Single Serving Coffee Maker - How many times have you wanted just one cup of coffee? Maybe you got a one cup coffee maker and the coffee is too bitter or too weak. It’s never just right. Hammacher Schlemmer Institute put the one-cup makers to the test and they found one they crowned The Best, producing "complex" coffee that was "the smoothest and very flavorful," unlike lesser models’ coffee that tasted "a bit burnt and bitter" or "weak and watery." It also has a hot water button for brewing tea. It has a reusable filter (no more paper filters to mess with) and you can use your favorite ground coffee or you can use the widely available K-cup coffee pods (12 included). It brews a cup in one minute and just like that, you’re out the door and on your way.

The Handheld Espresso Maker - Here’s a great idea for making amazing Espresso in the palm of your hand without using electricity and it even comes with a travel pouch so you can take it with you when you travel or go to parties. The New York Times describes it as “sophisticated and balanced…delicious espresso." This is an unusual and clever gift idea. It has a surprising number of great features. It’s a great gift idea you’ll be proud to give; or maybe you’d like to have one for yourself. That’s O.K., too.

The Only Home Frappe Machine - In only 3 minutes you can have a frappé, the foamy, iced coffee that originated in Greece in the 1950s. This clever two machine unit will brew drip coffee into a blender that automatically blends ice, milk, sugar and any other chosen ingredients into a frosty frozen frappé. A pulse button allows you to continue to process until you have the desired consistency—what a delectable, delightful gift idea.

Kona Coffee gifts are great because they are not the same ordinary coffees that we’re used to. You have a chance to give someone a gift from Hawaii, that’s a tasty delight. The coffee makers are the best on the market and make it possible to taste coffee the way it was meant to taste.

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