Christmas Gifts for Music Lovers

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Anyone that has ever known somebody that loves music will agree, music lovers can be very particular, which makes finding Christmas gifts for music lovers a difficult task. So, how do you find the right gift without having to ask them what they want and spoiling their surprise? I’d have to say, ask another music lover, like me for example! I can help you select the perfect Christmas gift for the music lover in your life by narrowing down the search. I have been very meticulous in selecting only what has impressed me the most out of the many available items on the market today.

The Acoustic Immersion Pod

The Discreet Bose 3-2-1 Home Theater System

The Sharper Image® Touch MP3 Video Player

The Pandora Internet Radio

Noise Cancelling Headphones

  • The Acoustic Immersion Pod - Anyone looking for the ultimate audio experience, look no further. You’ll be immersed in perfect acoustic bliss!
  • The Discreet Bose 3-2-1 Home Theater System - I can’t say enough about this truly amazing sound system masterpiece. It surrounds you with its warm clarity and seemingly effortless sound reproduction. Even at low volumes you feel the crisp yet smooth bass at perfect levels and hear every word spoken in perfect clarity. Bose has outdone themselves!
  • The Complete Bookshelf Stereo System - Compact and versatile sound system that fits just about anywhere. AM/FM stereo receiver, iPod dock, CD player supports CD, CD-RW and MP3 discs. Connect your iPod with video and you can send its video directly to your television! Cool.
  • The Pandora Internet Radio - Listen to your own customized selection of songs and block out the ones you don’t like. Hear a song you like, press the "thumbs up" button, or hear one you don’t, press the "thumbs down" and it will never play that song again. The radio then suggests other songs similar to the songs you like.
  • The 120 Disc Archive Vault - If you have a DVD or CD library, this is for you! It is the most functional and sophisticated storage organizer I’ve ever come across. It more than protects and stores your discs, it actually retrieves them from storage for you by sliding the disc selector to a disc, press a bar and the lid gently raises and presents your disc!
  • Outdoor Wireless Speakericon - Rain or shine, day or night, this all-weather and UV resistant speaker performs! Connect just about any audio source, Plug-n-play iPod®, computer, stereo, MP3 player, all 3.5mm, or RCA audio output devices for high quality outdoor audio and even includes mood light effects for enhanced ambiance!
  • The Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds - Enjoy crisp, clear, smooth, distortion-free sound without the background noise to interfere in the listening experience. Earbuds so effective at cancelling out ambient noise that they can even be used at NASCAR when plugged into a scanner!
  • The Sharper Image® Touch MP3 Video Player - Finally, a Touch screen MP3 player with all the features I like at a price that can’t be beat!
  • The Bose In Ear Headphones - The quality audio you’ve come to expect from Bose in an earbud. Awesome!
  • The Bose Mobile In Ear Headset - With three different-sized earbuds you’ll find a perfect fit that stays put. Works with over 50 cell phone types and has push-button, call priority, microphone that cancels out the music when a call comes in.
  • The Wireless Waterproof MP3 Speaker - Want to share your music with your friends outdoors? Go wireless with this waterproof MP3 speaker!
  • The Any Audio To MP3 Converter - Converts audio from any source (sans computer or software) into MP3 files for playback on an iPod or other digital music player. Even records live with a built-in microphone.
  • The Swimmer’s Waterproof MP3 Player - This waterproof MP3 player attaches to your swimming goggles or included armband, allowing you to listen to music while you’re swimming, running or walking.
  • MP3 Music and Video Player Keychain - If you’ve ever discovered you’ve left your MP3 player at home when you needed it, you’ll appreciate this MP3/Video player keychain. It goes wherever you go!
  • Portable Speaker - Enjoy high-quality sound that really comes alive on any portable music device, mobile phone, notebook computer, or tablet with this portable, compact speaker powered through a standard USB port, or four AAA batteries.
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones - Hear only what was meant to be heard with these extremely comfortable headphones that fit perfectly around your ears.
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones with Plug Ear Buds - High-quality at a great price is what you will get with these incredible earbuds.
  • The Sharper Image® Stereo Headphone - Two Pack - You’ll think you added an amp when you experience the true-to-life sound generated by the Neodymium driver in these headphones! Their sound quality is nothing less than amazing!

iPod Music Gifts

iPod Tower Stereo System

The First Solar Powered iPod Speaker

  • iPod Tower Stereo System - This iPod® stereo dock and charger has a built-in FM radio with alarm clock, and auxiliary input for just about any music player. With its multi-angled speakers, superior sound is sent all over the room eliminating the “best-seat” effect of most other docks.
  • The Portable iPod Video Enlarger And DVD Player - Dock your iPod® inside this portable 9” screen player with dual audio jacks and enjoy DVDs, CDs, MP3s and most all video/music files you have.
  • The First Solar Powered iPod Speaker - Listen to your iPod® at the pool, on the boat or anywhere else with this waterproof, rugged, rubberized, aluminum body iPod® speaker powered by sun!
  • iPod® Home Entertainment System - Convert your iPod® into a fully integrated entertainment system that allows you to listen to music, watch movies and more on any TV screen, computer, or home stereo system.
  • Portable Speaker System Dock For iPhone™ iPod® - This compact portable iPod® speaker system and docking station folds down for optimal portability and turns your iPod® into a dual alarm clock with snooze functions.

I hope you found this article helpful in selecting a gift that will please even the most discriminating music lover you know.

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