Festive Holiday Decorating with Flowers

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Decorating for Christmas is really one of my favorite things, and using winter flowers is a no-brainer for me every holiday season. The heady scent and marvelous array of colors winter blooms allow anyone decorating for Christmas the freedom to choose what they want, in a convenient fashion. From slow-blooming flowers to potted flowering plants, you only have to choose your favorite and see your holiday decor radiate the beauty of nature.

1. Use potted plants to prevent wilting.

Yourdecoratinghotline.com offers two winter potted favorites, the poinsettia and paperwhites. Poinsettias signal Christmas, and this hardy flowering plant placed in pots lining your porch to welcome holiday guests. You can even decorate pots and the like with ribbons, paint, and other elements to make them pop.

Paperwhites are very fragrant and have delicately beautiful white blooms. In our house, we use this tall flowering plant sparingly to avoid overwhelming guests (and my six-year-old) with its scent. Place the pot in a beautiful wicker basket, or wrap it in shimmering gold fabric for two different looks that go well in any room. Paperwhites are beautiful over foyer tables and living room side tables, and are fairly low-maintenance.

Potted plants are a great choice for anyone who wants constantly beautiful blooms for the whole holiday season. Pick your favorites and scatter them around your home!

2. Make your home berry beautiful.

Winter greens and wreaths with holly berries and mistletoe really bring out the Christmas spirit. Adorn your home with sprays of berries, either real or artificial, to make everything pop with the red color they brings. Traditionally used over doorways, bunches of these berries look exquisite over the fireplace mantel, whether atop a garland or used alone.

3. Let the flower’s beauty shine in clear containers.

Clear containers add little fussiness to any flower, and display beautifully. Whether you use clear bowls with water and float winter flowers on them, or use tall, slender vases to display cut flowers in their natural height, inexpensive clear containers are our favorite display cases for cut flowers. Our picks for winter flowers to have in clear vases are:

  • White and burgundy deep red roses – For that simple, beautifully traditional red hue that never goes out of style.
  • Amaryllis – Their pale pink hues and slender, tall stems can either be displayed singularly in thin vases or in bunches for a pop of pink in your display.
  • Peruvian lilies – Beautifully white, these lilies can float in a bowl of water for Christmas party decorations or stand in a bouquet, we love tying them with a red ribbon to help a bunch stand.

Flowers add an elegant, beautiful touch to any home’s Christmas decor. Try these easy tips this season for holiday embellishment that will take your guests’ breath away.

Author’s Bio:
Sarah Pulaski is a freelance copywriter for an artificial tree company. She plans on using all natural flowers for her holiday decor this Christmas season.

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