Gifts for Techies - 30+ High Tech Gadget Lover Gift Ideas

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Okay, here we go… locating gifts for techies that don’t make them laugh at your simple-minded gesture of good will, is easier said than done. If you can relate to this dilemma then you know techies and you need some help. They can make finding an impressive high technology gift unlikely without their prior approval, which eliminates the surprise factor. We all know the Christmas gift giving/receiving experience is enhanced by the anticipation of what the gift may be. So, naturally you want to surprise them but, you also want to thrill them with your gift selection. You can. Every gadget gift here makes the techie A-list. You are sure to bring a smile with any one of them.

Video, TV & Movie Gadgets

Video Glasses with 55″ Screen

The Portable DVD Player

Pocket Projector

Sony Wireless TV Headphones

  • Video Glasses with 55″ Screen - If the name alone didn’t interest you then check this out; virtual 55" wrap-screen technology plays 2D and 3D movies in 4:3 and 16:9 screen formats and it connects to any iPod®, iPhone™, iPod Touch®, portable DVD player, composite-video media player, digital camera, camcorder, mobile phone with video-out, game systems, and more!
  • Video Glasses with 46" Screenicon - You can enjoy Big-Screen 2D and 3D movies inconspicuously, anywhere you like with these Video Glasses that include noise-isolating earphones so, no one hears or sees the movie but you. They’re compatible with virtually all audio/video devices.
  • The Portable DVD Player - This portable DVD player is so compact it can easily be taken with you wherever you go and is compatible with most DVD and CD formats. View in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios for television programs or widescreen movies.
  • The VHS To DVD Converter - Convert your old VHS tapes to DVD format. It’s even compatible with Quasi Super VHS Playback tapes in addition to normal VHS tapes. Has MP3 and JPEG playback capabilities, copies DV/Digital8 camcorder videocassettes and even records high-definition broadcasts with its built-in HDTV tuner!
  • The Shirtpocket Digital Television - You know that guy at the game that has a pocket TV that everyone is gathered around? Yeah, that could be you!
  • Pocket Projector - Imagine giving your video presentation from a projector no bigger than a deck of cards yet provides a crisp, clear image up to 48” wide on any flat surface.
  • The Palm Sized DVD Player - It’s about the same size as the DVD it plays and has a screen built right in!
  • The Universal Video Converter - With the press of a button, convert VHS tapes, DVDs, DVRs, or TV signals into digital MPEG-4 format without a computer! Save to either an SD or SDHC memory card then view, organize, and edit your videos on your computer!
  • Sony Wireless TV Headphones - Infrared technology in your headphones! Go wireless and enjoy freedom from wires and have total control over the volume.

Music Gadgets

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker

Touch MP3 Video Player

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones - You’ll fall in love with these next generation Active Noise Cancellation headphones that fit comfortably around your ears. Block out background noise and listen to nothing but the music!
  • The Pandora Internet Radio - This cool little Internet radio receives over 16,000 stations that allows you to customize your playlist to only play the songs you select and never play the songs you dislike!
  • Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker - One of the best sounding indoor/outdoor speakers around and this speaker really pack a punch, even wirelessly! The sound spreads out too so, no matter where you place it the sound is great.
  • The Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds - Truly incredible sound reproduction and amazing noise reduction, cancels up to 85% (20 dB) of background noise.
  • Touch MP3 Video Player - The Touch MP3 Video Player with high-end headphones and built-in speaker. Loaded with features and priced right.
  • The Any Audio To MP3 Converter - Any source of audio with an earphone jack is converted onto an SD card up to 8-GB, to be transferred to a computer or MP3 player.
  • MP3 Music and Video Player Keychain - What a great idea! This MP3 audio/video player is also a keychain with a built-in transmitter that sends your tunes to the car’s FM radio! The 1.8” high-resolution color display and dual headset jacks and two pair of premium headphones make a nice addition to this compact feature-rich MP3 player.

Digital Cameras & Photo Gadgets

The Only Picture Taking Night Vision Monocular

  • The Desktop Photograph To Digital Picture Converter - Faster than a scanner, instantly converts photographs into digital images sent via USB to a computer in JPEG or TIF format. Uses the same type sensor found in digital cameras to instantly capture the whole image at once.
  • The Only Picture Taking Night Vision Monocular - Its light gathering qualities rival those commonly reserved for the U.S. military. You can manually adjust the gain or let it automatically adjust the gain based on the ambient light providing superior vision in all conditions. The included 512 MB SD card will hold up to 400 images.
  • The Slide And Negative to Digital Picture Converter - This is a great gift for techies that want to convert old 35mm slides and film negatives into digital images. Immediately preview them on its built-in 2 1/2" TFT color display and store them on its 32 MB flash memory in JPEG ready to transfer to a PC.

Techie Video Cameras

The Only 3D Video Camcorder

The Video Recording Sunglasses

  • The Only 3D Video Camcorder - Any techie would be proud to own this 3D video camcorder small enough to fit in a shirt pocket.
  • The Video Recording Sunglasses - These sunglasses actually record everything you see with the touch of a button. With a built in MP3 player and included earbuds they look like new hi-tech MP3 playing sunglasses. No one will know about the camera unless you tell them!
  • Mini Digital Video Camera - This Mini Digital Video Camera with manual or sound activated recording is perfect for meetings, lectures, in class or making short videos to post on internet video sharing websites.
  • Keychain Video Camera & Recorder - I found this, digital video camera and audio recorder cleverly disguised as a car keyless entry remote Fob, as an ingenious gift for techies.
  • Digital Video Pen Camera - This classy pen doubles as a digital video camera with a pinhole lens you can discretely record up to 90 minutes of video on the integrated 2GB memory stick. Upload to your computer and recharge the camera pen’s battery by USB.
  • The Video Camera Pen - Capture videos with sound or still images at the click of a button through a built-in video camera and microphone hidden in this working ball-point pen. Capture up to five hours of AVI video and up to 20,000 JPEG images, on its integrated 4 GB memory chip.

Unique Gadgets

The Astronomer’s Laser Flashlight

DocuPen Portable Scanner

DocuPen Portable Scanner

The Touchscreen Cell Phone Watch

  • The Astronomer’s Laser Flashlight - You will be amazed with this Laser Pointer Flashlight that combines the unmatched brightness of a green laser pointer that appears to reach the stars (20x brighter than red laser pointers), with a high-intensity white LED flashlight and red LED for ambient light capable of three levels of brightness.
  • DocuPen Portable Scanner - Here’s a full page color scanner the width of a document, and no bigger around than a Marks-A-Lot making it the most portable scanner around!
  • Digital Note Taker - This wireless Digital Note Taker looks like a pen, but actually captures natural handwriting or anything you draw on any surface and stores it on your computer. Connect to your PC via USB and download your notes with full editing capabilities. It’s that simple.
  • The Alkaline Battery Charger - This battery charger can actually re-charge standard alkaline batteries up to 10 times in addition to NiCd and NiMH rechargeable batteries. It senses battery types and their conditions for charging ease. Works with AAA, AA, C, D, or 9-volt batteries.
  • Travel Charging Valet - This lightweight portable charging station with protective travel case charges up to three electronic devices at the same time from the same outlet.
  • Power Miracle Universal Battery Pack - This battery pack can re-charge most electronic devices wherever you are. Comes with an assortment of adapters to accommodate most popular cell phones and MP3s.
  • The Universal Memory Card Reader - This unique gadget recognizes more than 70 memory card formats with six slots supporting 23 Compact Flash cards, 23 Memory Stick cards, 24 MMC and SD cards, microSD cards, xD cards, and SIM cards. Connects to your computer via USB port for universal compatibility.
  • The Touchscreen Cell Phone Watch - This watch is something right out of a science fiction movie with its built-in 1 1/4" touchscreen cell phone that includes a Bluetooth headset for "wrist-free" operation, built-in 1.3 MP camera, integrated MP3 player and 1/4" speakers at all four corners to provide clear sound for music and the speakerphone! Of course it uses the same tri-band network as other cell phones so compatibility is nearly a non-factor (will not operate with Sprint or MetroPCS).

Cool High Tech Clocks

Peaceful Progression Aromatherapy And Nature Sounds Wake-Up Alarm Clock

Sound Soother® With 20 Soothing Sounds

  • Peaceful Progression Aromatherapy And Nature Sounds Wake-Up Alarm Clock - Imagine waking up naturally to gradually increasing light, aromatic scents and the sounds of nature. The Peaceful Progression Wake-Up Clock does just that! Now, stop imagining and begin enjoying peaceful mornings when you wake up to this amazing alarm clock.
  • Sound Soother® With 20 Soothing Sounds - Fall asleep to one of twenty soothing sounds that are specifically designed to cancel out most ambient noise. This particular sound machine simply sounds better than any other, like a high-end sound system. Anyone that has ever used a sound machine to fall asleep to will agree, this one is superior to them all. Oh yeah! And it’s a clock!
  • Mist Clock Radio with Weather Forecast - You will never need to set the time on this clock because it auto-syncs to your time zone when plugged in! Includes Free forecasts, FM radio, two alarms, and “InTouch” messaging for school delay and email notifications and even set calendar notifications for your daily activities.
  • Clock Radio, Time And Weather Butler - Wouldn’t it be cool to have your own personal butler kindly awaken you every morning by announcing the date, time and outdoor temperature. Well, how about a Clock Radio that will? The Time and Weather Butler is an AM/FM Clock Radio with dual alarm that does that and even wishes you a good day!
  • Wireless Weather Station with Atomic Clock - This wireless weather station is loaded with features you normally don’t find in wireless units. Like a self-setting atomic clock, a warning system for heat, wind, storm, fog or frost, an ice-alert with a bright green LED to get your attention, indoor and outdoor temperature readings, humidity level and even tells you the date, day of the week and current moon phase and more!

Golf Gadgets

Golf GPS

Electric Golf Caddy

Golf Swing Video Recorder

The Laser Alignment Putting Trainer

  • Golf GPS - Golf loving techies will absolutely love this portable golf GPS with over 16,000 courses pre-installed and available with no fees. It features a unique “Walking Golfer” icon that tracks your moves in real time and its color touchscreen display allows you to touch any point on the satellite image and see your distance to that spot, and from that spot to the green!
  • Electric Golf Caddy - If you enjoy walking the golf course over riding a golf cart, but could do without the backache from carrying your clubs, then this is for you. The Electric Golf Caddy carries your clubs for you allowing you to enjoy your game with less effort!
  • Golf Laser Range Finder - Never misjudge distance again! Determine your shots with pinpoint accuracy and improve your game by focusing on flag distance, panning target distances, and tracking distance based on ball trajectory and the golf club you’re using.
  • Golf Swing Video Recorder - Record your swing in detailed high-speed frame rate and playback frame-by-frame forward and reverse to correct your swing at every possible point while still on the course or you can view/share on your TV, PC or Mac. Record precise sound with a built-in microphone powerful enough to even pick up ball contact.
  • The Gyroscopic Golf Trainer - Improve your swing with the golf club that has a built in gyroscope in its head that keeps the clubface on-plane, actively resisting any motion that takes it out of plane with your body. Promotes smooth takeaways and proper wrist alignment during backswings and helps you to drop your hands and club into the slot during downswing, and squaring the club face with the ball, for smooth releases.
  • The Laser Alignment Putting Trainer - You’ll know your putter is aligned with pinpoint accuracy when you use The Laser Alignment Putting Trainer that uses a laser to show you when your putter’s blade is perfectly square and level with the ground for optimal alignment.

It is my wish that you find the perfect Christmas gift for the techie or gadget lover in your life and that this article has helped make that happen.

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