Horse Christmas Ornaments That Combine Majesty and Elegance

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Horses are truly incredible creatures.

And their graceful image can be exceptionally beautiful to decorate with.

I recently wanted to decorate my Christmas tree with some horse Christmas ornaments. I did some looking around the stores as well as some searching on various websites.

I found a few decent looking horse ornaments, but nothing that really jumped out at me. Some of them were cute, but I prefer my main Christmas tree to have a very elegant look. So cute wasn’t really what I was going for.

I decided to check out one of my favorite places to shop online. Turns out, I should have looked there from the very beginning.

I finally found the Horse Ornaments I was looking for. They come in a set of three and each one is absolutely beautiful.

What makes these Horse Ornaments perfect for decorating your Christmas tree…

The first thing you’ll notice about each horse ornament is it’s unique and graceful spiral shape.

Yes that’s right, these ornaments aren’t shaped like horses.

Now right at first I was looking for a typical horse-shaped glass Christmas ornament.

But I realized there is a distinct advantage to having a spiral-shaped ornament – durability. With no delicate little horse legs there is much less of a chance that the ornament will break.

The unique twisting, spiral shape of these porcelain ornaments reveals a smooth shiny surface that is soft-blue in color – a truly exquisite look.

The Artwork

The second thing you’ll notice about these decorations is the magnificent artwork. This is what makes each horse ornament truly unique.

Gracing the surface of each ornament is a re-creation of an inspirational equine painting by Chuck DeHaan. Chuck is truly a master at painting horses.

The image on the first ornament depicts two chestnut (or reddish-brown) horses running and splashing through water as they gallop side by side. Behind them is a vibrant light illuminating their graceful contours and flowing manes.

The second ornament depicts a single horse trotting through the ocean surf as the waves roll in. In the background glows a gorgeous sunset illuminating both the waves and the horse.

The third ornament depicts two galloping stallions splashing through a river or stream. One horse is jet black and the other is dark bay (dark brown in color).

A Touch of Gold

The third thing you’ll notice about these horse Christmas ornaments is that each one is elegantly lined with 22K gold highlighting. They also each have a title scripted in gold.

This touch of gold makes the ornaments look especially fantastic when hung on a Christmas tree with lots of gold decorations.

Why only a few people can have these precious horse ornaments…

These Christmas horse ornaments are limited edition collectibles. I don’t know how many they have left, but they will run out. So if you’re interested in decorating your Christmas tree with these ornaments, you might want to get them right now.

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