Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers - 100+ Affordable Ideas

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This was a somewhat challenging topic to write about because what’s cheap to one person may be expensive to another person. So I’ve gathered Christmas stocking stuffer ideas that range from thirty to four dollars. To me that seems like a pretty reasonable range for inexpensive stocking stuffers. And to make it a little easier for you to find the right item for the right person at the right price I’ve listed everything according to age group and gender and in descending order in price. You’ll find stocking stuffers for all adults, both men and women and of course kids. Since teenage girls and teenage boys are between childhood and adulthood, I think you’ll find many appropriate gifts in the adult section. You’ll also notice there’s a lot of variety to the items selected. Some things are useful and some things are fun (like candy for example). I wanted to include as many different types of gifts as I could reasonably fit in a brief article as well as an average size stocking. You’ll find affordable stocking stuffers for gadget lovers, music lovers, golfers, people that love to read, candy of course and plenty more.

39 Inexpensive Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Adults

These ideas are unique and hopefully you’ll find something they won’t be expecting. They are appropriate for both men and women. You might find something your teenager will enjoy.

9 adult stocking stuffer ideas for under $30

The Best Commuter Cup

Reber Mozart Chocolate Specialties: 12-Piece Gift Box

  1. The Personal Television And Theater Amplifier - Turn up the sound for your ears only.
  2. The Universal Memory Card Reader - It recognizes more than 70 memory card formats. It can be used with a Mac or PC running Windows 7, XP, or Vista.
  3. The Best Commuter Cup – Stocking stuffer for coffee lovers. Easy to drink from while driving; does not leak when inverted; fits into car’s cup holder; hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold for hours at a time.
  4. The Stroke Improving Tennis Gloves (Men’s)
  5. The Stroke Improving Tennis Gloves (Women’s)
  6. Light and Massage Therapy Hair Brush - This brush is said to stimulate the scalp and strengthen the hair while relieving stress.
  7. Reber Mozart Chocolate Specialties: 12-Piece Gift Box
  8. Reber Mozart Kugel Chocolates: 6-Piece Violin Box
  9. Bailey`s Irish Cream Chocolates: 72CT Box - There are enough individually wrapped chocolates to put a handful in several stockings and still have enough to put in a bowl on a table. Yummy!

7 adult stocking stuffer ideas for under $25

The Sharper Image® Stereo Headphone - Two Pack

  1. The Sharper Image® Stereo Headphone - Two Packicon - Two set are better than one. You’ll always be prepared when one set gets misplaced.
  2. Travel Alarm Clock - This one has a snooze button, date and temperature.
  3. Motorized Golf Club Cleaner - Any golfer will love the ease in keeping golf clubs clean and polished with these four interchangeable heads.
  4. Shortstuff Portable Umbrellaicon - Yes, it really is small enough to carry in a purse or pants pocket and still has a 42” arc when open.
  5. The Best Electric Corkscrew
  6. The Hands Free Over Ear Book Light
  7. The Best Nose Hair Trimmer - I know this is an unglamorous gift, but there are many who will appreciate it - and need it.

9 adult stocking stuffer ideas for under $20

The iPhone Seat Buddy

Abtey Wine Filled Chocolate Corks: 15CT Box

  1. Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakersicon - Place these under your pillow and drift off to sleep with your favorite music or nature sounds.
  2. USB Rechargeable Batteriesicon
  3. Natural Spectrum Book Lighticon
  4. The iPhone Seat Buddyicon - Hang it almost anywhere and you are hands free to eat, relax and enjoy a movie or T.V. without getting tired or uncomfortable; perfect for travel in a car or on the plane. Just hang it on the seat in front of you.
  5. The Sharper Image Deluxe Nose & Ear Trimmer With Vacuum - I know! Another unglamorous gift, but I especially like this one. It also comes with a mirror and tweezers. It’s a thoughtful gift for the right person.
  6. Abtey Wine Filled Chocolate Corks: 15CT Box - Yum! You may need to remove them from the box to stuff the stocking.
  7. Abtey Champagne Cream Filled Chocolate Corks: 12CT Box - Delectable! You may need to remove them from the box in order to stuff the stocking.
  8. Wine Chocolate Truffles: 8-Piece Box - You will need to remove them from the box and wrap them in colorful plastic wrap and tie them off with a ribbon. Here’s an example.
  9. Candy Cane Roca: 13-Ounce Canister

4 adult stocking stuffer ideas for under $15

  1. Travel Book light - The nice thing about this book light is that it can be used for more than reading a book. It can be attached to a table or tray or other stable object and it becomes a convenient light for crafts or other projects.
  2. V-Smoker Box with Wood Flavor chips - This is a great stocking stuffer for outdoor men who love to cook outdoors. And yes, it is small enough to slide inside an average size stocking.
  3. Engraved Black Leather Name or Initial Keychain - Even though this would make a great stocking stuffer for men, it would also be great for Father’s Day, a birthday or even a thank you gift.
  4. Bali`s Best Coffee Candy Assortment: 300CT Tub - These popular candies are conveniently individually wrapped for stuffing men’s and women’s stockings.

7 adult stocking stuffer ideas for under $10

  1. Engraved Name Silver Keychain
  2. Personalized Name Wooden Pen Key Chain - Attaching a beautiful personalized Maple wood pen to a key chain is a clever idea. And the pen is only 3” long.
  3. Engraved Silver Bookmark with Black Tassels
  4. Coffee Rio Candy - Gourmet Mix: 2LB Tub - This should be a hit with any coffee lover.
  5. Engraved Name Wood Round Keychain
  6. Silver Hershey`s Big Chocolate Kiss: 7-Ounce Gift Box
  7. After Eight Thin Mint Squares: 25CT Box - These delicious treats are cheap and the long box will fit perfectly in the Christmas stocking. Excellent inexpensive stocking stuffers.

3 adult stocking stuffer ideas for $5 and under

  1. Terry`s Milk Chocolate Orange Ball Gift Box
  2. Terry`s Dark Chocolate Orange Ball Gift Box
  3. Mauna Loa Mountains Macadamia Nut Chocolate Clusters: 15-Piece Box

20 Inexpensive Stocking Stuffer Ideas Just for Men

These gifts are small and will make it possible to buy several things to tuck inside his stocking. They are also nicer than what he might buy for himself. Just about any man would love these inexpensive Christmas stocking stuffers.

4 stocking stuffers for men for under $30

  1. The Stroke Improving Tennis Gloves (Men’s)
  2. Engraved Leather Money Clip - This one combines a card holder as well as a money clip.
  3. Personalized Brushed Silver Slotted Cufflinks
  4. LaSalle Collection© Engraved Money Clip - This brushed silver style is really good looking.

8 ideas for men for under $25

Personalized 13-Function Stainless Pocket Knife

  1. Initialed Rosewood Pen w/ Box
  2. Personalized 9-Function Muti-Purpose Tool - This one comes to the rescue for quick unexpected jobs.
  3. Engraved Tan Leather Business Card Holder Wallet
  4. Personalized 13-Function Stainless Pocket Knife - Helps with quick and simple jobs plus it has nail grooming tools.
  5. Black Licorice Personalized Zippo? Lighter
  6. Engraved Motorcycle Rosewood Pen Set
  7. Personalized Hot Rod Engine Rosewood Pen Set
  8. Engraved Rosewood Pen Set for Dad

5 ideas for men for under $20

  1. Executive Personalized Leather Luggage Tag
  2. Personalized Silver Pocket Knife
  3. Multi-Tool Pocket Knife - This will make a nice set with the silver money clip above.
  4. Golfer’s Pocket Knife
  5. Engraved Brown Leather Initial Money Clip - No silver; all leather.

2 ideas for men for under $15

  1. Fog Free Shower Mirror – check the size of your stocking to make sure this one isn’t too wide
  2. Personalized Name Multitool LED Key Chain

1 idea for men for under $10

  1. Engraved Silver Money Clip

15 Inexpensive Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women and Teenage Girls

These small and inexpensive gifts are perfect for stuffing her stocking full. Some are personalized and feminine and certainly useful. She will enjoy any one of these gifts and more than one even better.

4 stocking stuffers for women for under $30

The Sharper Image® Outlast® Memory Foam Slippers for Women

  1. The Sharper Image® Outlast® Memory Foam Slippers for Women - If these won’t go in the stocking, then gift wrap them instead. She’ll love them.
  2. Engraved Leather Bracelet - A very popular gift for a teenage girl.
  3. Engraved Sterling Silver Heart Locket - This lovely locket opens to reveal two of her favorite photos.
  4. Personalized Engraved Love Bracelet

8 ideas for women for under $25

  1. Black Leather Personalized Manicure Set - A nice set that contains chrome plated scissors, finger nail clipper, tweezers and nail file. A very useful and affordable stocking stuffer for a woman.
  2. Engraved Love Remember Forever Bracelet
  3. Glitter Galore Personalized Compact
  4. White Leather Personalized Manicure Set - This lovely and useful set in white goes with any style or color purse. It includes the chrome plated finger nail clipper, scissors, nail file and tweezers. Teenage girls will love it, too.
  5. Pink Leather Personalized Manicure Set - This is the same set as above, but designed especially for the lady or teenager who loves pink.
  6. Custom Message Silver Oval Locket Keychain - A special message can be inscribed on the front for the daughter going off to college. Inside place a picture of Mom and Dad.
  7. Initial or Name Silver Oval Locket Keychain - The locket is very pretty and will hold two pictures. I think she’ll love getting this for a stocking stuffer. Engrave with any name.
  8. Personalized Swarovski Birthstone Flip Flop Pendant - She’ll always feel stylish with this adorable casual necklace. This is especially nice for teenage girls.

3 ideas for women for under $20

  1. Any Name Silver Heart Keychain - This one is nice because it holds a lot of keys and an easy method for adding and removing keys.
  2. You Name It Silver Circle Keychain
  3. Ice Cream Parlor© Personalized Stoneware Bowl - The lady who loves her ice cream will love her own personalized mug.

2 ideas for women for under $15

  1. Engraved Heart Keychain - The unique delicate look makes it especially pretty.
  2. Engraved Initial Crystal Keychain - Just right for a teenage girl.

40 Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers Just for Kids

Here you’ll find a combination of things for kids. You’ll find tiny dolls, candy, and jewelry for girls and a few more practical gifts that can use at school. There is a lot of candy. Kids love getting candy. It’s a special treat because many kids don’t get candy every day—especially candy like this. It’s unusual, fun and mostly delicious. It’s not ordinary candy. It’s amazing.

7 stocking stuffers for kids for under $30

Heavenly Handfuls 5″ Poseable Lifelike Baby Dolls

  1. Poseable Miniature Baby Doll Collection: Heavenly Handfuls Sweet As You Please - This collection is one of my favorites. Dolls are delivered one at a time so order early so you will have her first doll ready for her stocking on Christmas morning.
  2. Heavenly Handfuls Collectible Lifelike Miniature Baby Doll Collection - These tiny dolls are beautiful and delivered one at a time. These very small dolls are very popular with little girls. They love to tuck them in their purse or bag and take them anywhere.
  3. Candy Cane Pop Rocks Packs: 18CT Box - The box contains 18 packs; plenty for more than one stocking.
  4. Giant PEZ Santa Dispenser - This giant Pez Santa is 12.5” tall and comes with 12 packs of candy which can be loaded all at the same time.
  5. Giant 8 Ounce Milk Chocolate Santas: Set of 3 - Tiny Santas can be purchased in the stores and in fact I have used them to decorate our Sugar Plum Tree. But these Santas are better for stocking stuffers. They are a huge 8” tall and the package of 3 is perfect if you happen to have 3 kids.
  6. Jelly Belly Christmas Mix Jelly Beans 1-Ounce Packs: 36CT Display - Jelly Bellies are delicious and the Christmas mix is amazing. I hope Santa will put some in my stocking.
  7. Sterling Silver Initial Pendant Necklace - Really cute and stylish.

3 ideas for kids for under $25

  1. Special, Daughter, Always Youth Monogram Bracelet - A very pretty and stylish bracelet. She’ll feel very special when she finds this in her stocking.
  2. Gingerbread Christmas Candy Jelly Pops: 24CT Box - Out of the ordinary.
  3. Reindeer Candy Corn 1-Ounce Packets: 30CT Display - This is the prettiest candy corn I’ve ever seen. It’s pretty enough to set out in candy dishes.

12 ideas for kids for under $20

Giant Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Egg with Baby Dinos Gift Box

  1. Personalized Silver Yo-Yo
  2. Pretty Princess Austrian Crystal Pendant - Delicate and lovely.
  3. Giant Christmas Candy Mint Stick: 2LB Gift Box
  4. Christmas PEZ Candy Packs: 12CT Box - The kids will love finding these in their stockings.
  5. Wonka Candy Tin Christmas Ornaments: 12CT Box
  6. Christmas Candy Necklaces - Naughty or Nice Packs: 12CT Box
  7. Christmas Tree Glow Lollipops: 12CT Box
  8. Christmas Candy Puzzles and Bracelets Packs: 12CT Box
  9. M&M`s Christmas Train Candy Canes: Set of 4 These are so cute. They’re just made to go inside a stocking.
  10. Christmas Wonka Candy Ball Ornaments: 24CT Pack
  11. M&M`s Retro Candy Tubes: Set of 4 - Perfect for the stocking.
  12. Giant Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Egg with Baby Dinos Gift Box - This is a great stocking stuffer for children; not only do they get to unwrap a chocolate egg, but they will discover baby dinosaurs inside the egg. They are so cute and fun. Kids will love them.

5 ideas for kids for under $15

  1. You Choose© Girls Personalized Wallet - Really cute fun designs.
  2. You Choose© Boys Personalized Wallet - Cute boyish designs.
  3. Camouflage© Personalized Wallet - Boys love the “camo” design.
  4. Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark Chocolate Squares: 9.3-Ounce Gift Bag - Sooooo good!
  5. Ghirardelli Holiday Chocolate Squares Assortment: 9-Ounce Gift Bag - Amazing!

10 ideas for kids for under $10

Salt Water Taffy Twist Gift Boxes: Set of 2

  1. Camouflage Collection© Bookmark Set - Two bookmarks to match his camouflage wallet.
  2. You Choose© Personalized Bookmark Set (boys)icon - Two bookmarks to match the boy style wallets.
  3. You Choose© Personalized Bookmark Set (girls)icon - Two bookmarks to match the girls style wallets.
  4. Salt Water Taffy Twist Gift Boxes: Set of 2 - If the boxes are too big for the stocking, wrap the candies in plastic wrap and tie off with a Christmas ribbon. Here’s an example.
  5. Salt Water Taffy Candy: 3LB Bag - This will be enough for every stocking in the family.
  6. Fralinger`s Salt Water Taffy Candy: 1LB Box A great assortment.
  7. Red & White Peppermint Tree Swirl Lollipop Very impressive.
  8. Christmas Candy Bracelets: 24CT Box
  9. Silver Hershey`s Big Chocolate Kiss: 7-Ounce Gift Box
  10. Giant Marshmallow Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Gift Box - Rudolf will look really cute peeking out of the top of a child’s stocking.

3 ideas for kids for $5 and under

  1. Terry`s Milk Chocolate Orange Ball Gift Box - Chocolate ball breaks into perfect orange sections when whacked. And you know how boys like to whack things!
  2. Santa Express Chocolate Train Set Gift Box - Each piece of chocolate is wrapped like a train car. Very cute and fun stocking stuffer for kids.
  3. White Candy Snow Flakes: 1-Ounce Bag - What kid doesn’t love snow?

All of the stocking stuffers listed are really nice and Santa approved. I hope you were able to find something to stuff in those stockings. Merry Christmas!

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