Pop Up Christmas Trees

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One of the most exciting and beautiful additions to your Christmas decor is the fashionable pull up or pop up Christmas tree. It comes in different sizes and different styles. When it arrives, all you have to do is take it out of the box, place it in position, insert the stakes and hang the tree on the stake at the top. Wow! You just assembled a pre-lit fully decorated tree. Tree decorating doesn’t get any easier than that.

6 Ft. Pull-Up Christmas Trees

Thomas Kinkade Pre-Lit Pull-Up Christmas Tree: Wondrous Winter First-Ever Kinkade 6′ Pre-Lit Pull-Up Christmas Tree – The Thomas Kinkade Wondrous Winter pull-up tree is an amazing way to decorate your home or office with little effort and lots of impact. It measures 6’ tall, is pre-lit with 200 lights, 46 beautiful ornaments and two ribbons with the winter artwork of Thomas Kinkade cascading down the tree along with 2 gold and 2 burgundy satiny ribbons, 15 poinsettias and a gold trimmed bow tops the tree. Easy up—easy down. You also might like to order the storage bag for safe-keeping for years to come. Tree Bag For Thomas Kinkade Pull-Up Tree

Breast Cancer Awareness Instant Pre-Lit Pull-Up Christmas Tree Breast Cancer Awareness Fully Decorated Pull-Up Christmas Tree – Another 6’ pop up tree is the Breast Cancer Awareness Pre-lit Tree. A portion of the proceeds go to fight breast cancer. This elegant 6 ½’ pink tree is decorated with 150 lights, 51 non-breakable coordinating pink and silver ornaments, 6 wired ribbons cascading down the tree alternating in a shiny, solid design and a glittery snowflake design. There are 10 velvety poinsettias and a wired bow tree topper you can arrange. It collapses down to a mere 32" in diameter and 5" deep for easy storage in small spaces. And don’t forget the storage bag sold separately. (Item no. 109313002) This is the Tree Bag For Thomas Kinkade Pull-Up Tree .

The 6 Foot Instant Pop Up Lighted Poinsettia Tree. The 6 Foot Instant Pop Up Lighted Poinsettia Tree – This beautiful holiday tree is decorated with nothing but 70 bright Christmassy textured polyester poinsettias and 200 lights. It’s the perfect accent piece in any room, entrance hall or displayed in a window. It’s a perfect choice for home, office or place of business when selecting your Christmas décor. It’s 6’ tall and measures 32” at the base. The Tree Bag For Thomas Kinkade Pop Up Tree is the right size for this tree.

4 Ft. Pop Up Christmas Trees

The Elvis Blue Christmas Pull-Up Christmas Tree: Pre-Lit And Pre-Decorated The Blue Christmas Pre-lit Pop Up Christmas Tree – This pop up tree displays the imagery of Elvis in concert by acclaimed artists Nate Giorgio and Bruce Emmett on 2 satiny ribbons that run the length of the tree; accented with a wired gold and blue satin ribbon on either side. The Elvis “Blue Christmas” tree is 4’ high, is pre-decorated with 14 glittering ball ornaments and 6 musical note ornaments and pre-lit with 70 clear, replaceable mini-lights and crowned with a coordinating blue velvet bow. The shimmering silvery branches add classic 50s style. True Elvis fans will love this tree. A storage bag is not offered for the 4’ tree. You might consider the Tree Bag For Thomas Kinkade Pull-Up Tree.

Thomas Kinkade Welcome Winter Pre-Lit Decoration Thomas Kinkade Pull-Up Indoor/Outdoor Snowman With Lights – I know. He’s not a tree, but he’s so cute I wanted to include him. This is the first-ever pre-decorated, illuminated, packable pull-up snowman from Thomas Kinkade. He is 4 feet tall and features Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas artwork on 2 wired, satiny ribbons, a muffler and hatband. He has 25 blue, silver and white non-breakable ornaments and over 70 clear, replaceable mini-lights decorating his "snowball" body made of snowy-white, fire-retardant tinsel garland. He’ll look beautiful outside to greet guests as they arrive or in the window for passers-by to enjoy or as an indoor decoration in any room. A storage bag is not available for the 4’ tree. You might consider the Tree Bag For Thomas Kinkade Pull-Up Tree.

2 Ft. Pull-Up Christmas Tree

Happy Howl-idays Multiple Dog Breed Pre-Lit Pull-Up Christmas Tree Pre-Lit Instant Pull-Up Tree With Your Chosen Dog Breed – Pet lovers love their pets. They’re like their children—a part of the family. In some cases, they are the family. The pop up tree is the perfect choice for your holiday décor. It’s cleverly called the Happy Howl-idays Pre-lit Christmas tree. The name offers a clue. Two of the ribbons illustrate cute little dogs. You have a choice of breeds: Dachshund, Pomeranian, Pug, Schnauzer, Shih Tzu and Yorkie. They’re all cute and any one of them drives home the point—“we love our dogs.” It has two ribbons displaying the dog artwork plus two burgundy velvety ribbons and two golden sheer ribbons. The non-breakable ornaments include 13 shiny and glittery coordinating ornaments, plus 5 specialty dog bone ornaments. More decorations include 7 mini-poinsettias, 4 berry clusters and a coordinating red velveteen bow topper you can fluff and arrange. This tree is adorable—even if you don’t have dogs. One very special place it belongs is in the Vet’s office. Perfect.

Purr-fect Holidays Pull-Up Christmas Tree: Pre-Lit And Pre-Decorated Jürgen Scholz Cat Art 2′ Pre-Lit Instant Pull-Up Tree – This tree is one of my favorites—the "Purr-fect Holidays" cat Christmas tree. One look at the cute little kittens on two of the satiny ribbons and I fell in love. This tree is adorable and is a perfect addition to your holiday décor whether you’re a cat owner or not. It has 18 coordinated, non-breakable ball ornaments with metallic and glittering finishes, 35 white, replaceable mini-lights, 7 mini-poinsettias, 4 berry clusters, 1 burgundy velveteen ribbon, 1 golden-sheer ribbon and a coordinating bow topper you can fluff and arrange. It’s 2’ tall and collapses to 5.” It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway—It’s the “purr-fect” holiday table decoration.

Don’t forget to order a Tree Storage Bag for your 2 Ft. Pull-Up Tree.

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    Please make more dog Christmas trees! I received a yorkie tree last year and I loved it! Sadly, it was ruined in a house fire two weeks ago. I can’t find anyone producing them. Any suggestions?

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