Silly Funny Stocking Stuffers – 27 Fun (& Shocking!) Ideas

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I have to say, few things in life are sweeter than a funny gag. Especially if that gag happens to be sweet (literally) or if the gag gags you (literally) - you’ll see what I mean. Below I’ve listed 27 ideas for silly and/or funny stocking stuffers and nearly all of them are both hilarious and tasty… or uh… well… gross! In fact, some are even tasty AND gross AND hilarious AND even a little scary all at the same time! With a few of these stocking fillers, if the recipient is a bit squeamish, you might want to consider a different gift get you’re camera ready. Gag gifts are fun when you can get a laugh and eat them too. Candy gifts are perfect stockings stuffers for that purpose. For the naughty on your list you’ll find lumps of coal; for the adventuresome you’ll find insect lollipops and so much more. It’s all silly and all fun.

Put lumps of coal in the stocking: 4 ideas

Santa`s Lump O` Coal Licorice Candy

  • Santa`s Lump O` Coal Licorice Candy: 5-Ounce Gift Box — Now you can easily play a joke on that certain naughty someone and put lumps of coal in their stocking.
  • Santa`s Sacks of Coal Chocolates: 18CT Box — More coal for the stockings. There are 8 lumps of crispy chocolate coal wrapped in black foil in each bag. You can put bags of coal in everyone’s stocking.
  • Santa`s Chocolate Lumps of Coal: 36CT Box — Need more lumps of coal? There’s plenty in this box.
  • Santa`s Coal Black Bubble Gum Satchels: 12CT Box — One more choice on the coal front. Maybe you’d like to try black bubble gum. With coal choices like this, everyone will want to be on Santa’s naughty list.

Poop & pee in the stocking! :mrgreen: 7 ideas (definitely a guy thing)

Chocolate Doo Doo Drop Gift Bag

Tower of Sour Liquid Candy Urine Samples

  • Chocolate Doo Doo Drop Gift Bag — What could be more thoughtful than dropping a load of doo doo in someone’s Christmas stocking – chocolate doo doo of course. I know… this one is a little over the top. But guys seem to think it’s a really funny stocking stuffer, especially since it looks like real poop.
  • Tower of Sour Liquid Candy Urine Samples: 5CT Pack — If you’re going to put doo doo in the stocking you may as well put pee pee in the stocking as well - lemonade flavored candy pee pee of course.
  • Pooping Reindeer Candy Dispensers: Set of 2 — Well I never thought I would be suggesting that anyone should check out a pooping reindeer—but it is kinda funny.
  • Candy Poo-Pooing Santa Claus — A pooping Santa? I don’t know. Maybe they’ve gone too far.
  • Candy Poo-Pooing Snowman — Even a Snowman? Well at least everything is white.
  • Christmas Candy Poopers Collection: Set of 4 — Includes reindeer, penguin, sheep and polar bear.
  • Sour Flush Candy Toilets: 12CT Box — The idea of eating out of a toilet seems pretty gross, but these actually look like a very fun and tasty way to eat candy.

Put insects and/or scorpions in the stocking: 10 ideas

Scorpion Suckers: 4CT Bag

Crickets Snack Packs - 3 Flavor: 24CT Box

I was watching a TV show recently and they went to a store that sold candy covered insects. The kids loved them—even the girls. I was a bit shocked, but with that in mind, we decided to include several ideas for you to check out.

  • Scorpion Suckers: 4CT Bag — My grandson has had these before and he just loves them. He said he sucked it till he got down to the scorpion then through it away.
  • Crickets Snack Packs - 3 Flavor: 24CT Box
  • Chocolate Covered Insects Packs: 24CT Box
  • Chocolate Covered Crickets: 24CT Display
  • Amber Insect Candy: 24CT Box — These are pretty cool looking. They remind me of the amber entombed mosquitoes in Jurassic Park.
  • Cricket Lollipops: 36CT Display
  • Tequila Worm Lollipops: 36CT Box
  • Larvets Snack Packs - 3 Flavor: 24CT Box — Some people actually like these. They would make a fun gag gift.
  • Chocolate Covered Ants Candy: 24CT Box
  • Fear Factor Candy Cockroach Bites: 12CT Box — This should freak out the girls. It’s all good though. It’s only candy.

Hot & spicy candy stocking stuffers: 3 ideas

Habanero Spicy Lollipops

  • Habanero Spicy Lollipops: 24CT Box — Hot! Hot! Hot! Beware! Be ready for a payback. Not for kids (except brats). Now what would be really funny is if you removed the lollipops from the packaging and wrapped them with plastic wrap so the recipient wouldn’t have a clue what flavor they were. They’d probably be expecting something fruity – MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :twisted:
  • Chili Lix Pepper Shaped Lollipops: 36CT Box — One of the things I like about these is that they’re actually shaped like peppers. You probably won’t be able to trick anyone, but these would make a great surprise stocking stuffer for anyone that loves hot stuff.
  • Jalapeno Lollipops: 36CT Box — Although not quite as colorful and fun looking as the ones above, these are also shaped like real jalapenos and they even contain a real jalapeno pepper. These would definitely make a funny gag stocking stuffer for anyone that loves peppers.

Misc. funny & silly stocking stuffers: 3 ideas

Monkey Cuddles: A great gag stocking stuffer for a man, husband, boyfriend or teenage boy

  • Monkey Cuddles Figurine — Great gag gift for a guy. I’d like to see his response to this one. Just imagine the look on his face when he finds this in his stocking! This is actually a collectible intended for little children. After the joke is over, I’m sure some little child will find it irresistible.
  • Bertie Bott`s Jelly Beans 3-Ounce Magic Bag — These are Harry Potter themed jelly beans with unusual flavors: gravy, fish, ketchup, cheese, pepper, sausage, mashed potatoes, onion, and pizza (20 flavors in all). I love this idea. You could have a party game guessing the different flavors. I’ve never tasted them myself, but from what I understand some of the flavors taste pretty gross. And I love the disclaimer for these, “Satchel not intended as a barf bag. It’s somewhat pourous and may experience leakage if barfed into vigorously.” (More Harry Potter candy…)
  • Reindeer Candy Bowls: 18CT Display — This one’s not quite as funny as some of the others, but it’s still a pretty fun and silly stocking stuffer. It’s perfect for the little tykes. Reindeer candy is similar to ingredients in graham crackers.

I hope you enjoyed checking out the candy. Some of it is strange and a little bit gross, but all of it makes delicious, silly and funny stocking stuffers. And there is plenty more extreme, gross and funny candy if you’re interested. If you want to find candy that’s special and not a gag, just start browsing My mouth starts watering every time I go to this website.

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