Thomas Kinkade Snowman Christmas Ornaments

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Thomas Kinkade’s snowman ornaments will brighten up any tree. The happy little faces in the “Winter Wonderland” set will make you smile. Lots of color and big smiles and beautiful artwork are in the “Memories of Christmas” collection. And the crystal snowman with all it’s shimmer and shine is truly a thing of beauty.

Thomas Kinkade Winter Wonderland Ornament Set OneThis set of 3 snowmen are all dressed up in their top hats, mufflers and coats, which feature the artwork of Thomas Kinkade. They’re spreading good tidings and joy in their winter wonderland. One little snowman lights the way as he carries a lantern in one hand and his Christmas tree in the other. Another little snowman joyfully sings Christmas carols as he holds his book in one hand and a candle in the other. The third snowman holds a bell in one hand as he rings in the season and in the other hand he holds a flier that reads “Merry Christmas.” All 3 snowmen have carrot noses and eyes and mouths that look like coal. The ornaments are handcrafted of resin and measure 4” high. You will enjoy hanging these happy little characters on your tree for many years to come. You may want to give them as a unique and special Christmas gift. Or you may want to split them up and give them to 3 different friends. They will be loved by all. Click here for the Thomas Kinkade Winter Wonderland Ornament Set One

Thomas Kinkade Memories Of Christmas Ornament CollectionHere are 3 snowmen sold in a set and have the holiday artwork of Thomas Kinkade sculpted right into the surface in bas relief. You can actually feel the design with your finger tips. Made of resin and meticulously hand-painted, they are works of art, from their rosy cheeks, to their top hats and exquisitely designed colorful costumes. Each snowman is touched off with gold and silver accents and sparkling glitter. Place one of your own Christmas tree lights in the back of the snowmen and they glow to reveal the wonderful snow scenes and glowing cottages Kinkade is famous for. Add this to your collection or share them with friends for Christmas gifts. They are truly fun and beautiful. Click here for the Thomas Kinkade Memories Of Christmas Ornament Collection

Thomas Kinkade Holiday Memories Crystal Snowman OrnamentAnyone wanting to carry out the theme of a white winter wonderland this Christmas will surely want this 24% lead crystal snowman from Bradford Editions. It features beautiful facets of diamond and snowflake designs that sparkle with the colors of the rainbow when brought near a light source. He wears a gleaming silverplate textured scarf, mittens, and a sparkling top hat and is finished with touches of silver for an elegant shimmer and shine. In his hand he carries a candle and a book of carols for a fun evening of caroling with friends and neighbors. His belly features the lovely Thomas Kinkade artwork “Sunday Evening Sleigh Ride.” An heirloom presentation box is provided for gift giving or safekeeping. This will make a beautiful decoration in your own winter wonderland or a sparkling and elegant Christmas gift for someone special. Click here for the Thomas Kinkade Holiday Memories Crystal Snowman Ornament

All of Thomas Kinkade’s snowman ornaments are unique and beautiful. You may want them in your own collection or you may decide to share them with friends. I will admit though, they are so beautiful, it will be hard to give them away.

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